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    We hope you find that this website is a fruitful way of communicating with people with similar orientations to language and social justice. We welcome your participation in allowing this forum to promote inclusion and resist essentialist and imperialist views of language, as promoted by the Queen's English Society.
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Anti the ‘Anti’ in the Anti-QES

Hello everybody, For those who don’t know, we have had a wonderful response to our mission, but a lukewarm response to our name. It seems that we might come across as slightly aggressive and negative, and it might be mistaken for being against ‘the Queen’s English’ rather than the QES  (as David Crystal also pointed … Continue reading

What’s Wrong with the Queen’s English?

This is a critical analysis of the true nature of the Queen’s English Society, their agenda and their level of linguistic knowledge as manifested in a recent publication of theirs. This year (2010), Bernard C. Lamb, chairman of the Queen’s English Society, broadcast his ideological approach to language in a book that described and compelled us to learn ‘the Queen’s English’. Please read on to … Continue reading

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