The Anti-Queen’s English Society was the idea of like-minded researchers of the English language involved in research centres in Britain, but which has membership from across regions, fields and interests. We were astonished at the way in which the Queen’s English Society members are allowed to promote their views, especially in the mass media, with so public little resistance. We hope to establish an open access point which can leave nobody mistaken about why so many people object to the kinds of views broadcast by the Queen’s English Society, as well as what the principles, research and understanding behind such objections are.

We welcome your participation in allowing this forum to mark 1) claims that the Queen’s English Society should be the British language police as firmly rejected; 2) claims that English-which-isn’t-the-Queen’s is culturally and intellectually lower as unacceptable; and 3) claims that the Queen’s English Society’s views are well researched and authoritative as laughable. Enjoy, and feel free to contribute in the choice of language that suits your purposes! Please subscribe (on the left hand side of the homepage) to remain informed about issues and posts. Thank you.

Contact us by email: antiqueensenglishsociety@hotmail.co.uk

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