Our Purpose

The purpose of the Anti-Queen’s English Society (A-QES) is to expose linguistic prejudice that is veiled by the words like ‘research’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘expert opinion’, and to scrutinise those in positions of authority who claim to provide authenticity to orientations to English that, upon closer inspection, amount to little more than elitism and scaremongering. It is a forum for the public critique of popular commentaries on English and English standards in which judgements are based on social divisions and intuitive responses rather than on (or with a dearth of) any knowledge of language or culture. Perhaps the clearest example of such linguistic gibberish comes in the form of the Queen’s English Society (QES), but expands to groups and individuals whose opinions seem less partial and who should be better informed.

A-QES is intended for people with a shared knowledge of language who position themselves in opposition to poorly informed and increasingly influential views on English language forms that have developed from the various localities, uses and users that English encounters today. As such, this site will make informed voices, research and commentaries more visible and accessible, while also holding those seeking a legitimate face for illegitimate views of English accountable. For example, the QES dedicates itself to ‘research’ in the field (a claim on its website 10/11/10) but, while apparently valuing research, they fail to acknowledge that most English language research/researchers in the world fundamentally stand against their statements and contradict their views.

We encourage input from members and visitors. We will be posting links to related sites (please let me know about these), both to expose problematic views that are not exposed to enough scrutiny and to publicise current developments in research / theories / applications of non-idealised and diverse (real) forms of the English language. We encourage reactions to related issues and debates, making this a forum to share knowledge, views, ideas, news and reactions. We welcome your interest and participation.

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